Our Services

Resume Assistance

The ENEC can assist clients with creating a new resume or revising an existing one. We can assist in determining the best type of resume based on employment history and how to format a resume so it stands out among the rest. For individuals that are starting from scratch, want a huge overhaul, or are looking for formatting help, our Employment Coordinators can work with each client individually to asses how best to represent their work experience on their resume, and ensure that it is formatted professionally.

Career Assessment/Skill Inventory

ENEC clients can access career assessments and take an inventory of skills to assist in figuring out potential career moves that might be right for them. ENEC’s employment coordinators have a relationship with many of the major employers in the greater Pittsburgh area, and can point each client towards jobs they would excel in, but might not have known about.

Online Applications

In partnership with Pittsburgh CONNECTS, the ENEC offers free use of computers and high-speed internet for clients to use for their online job search, resume writing, online applications, etc. Computers may also be used for email and general internet use during any open hours. Additionally, ENEC provides a high-output printer/scanner fax where clients can print a limited amount of material for free, and unlimited faxes and scans. Staff can assist individuals both search for and apply to online applications.

Hiring Events

The ENEC periodically holds hiring events with a number of major Pittsburgh employers. You can check out our calendar by clicking here.